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Progressive Jackpots

A guide to Progressive Jackpots.

slotsProgressive Jackpots are pools of money linked to individual games or a slot. These funds accumulate every time someone places a bet. This article covers details on how these work even when the jackpot resets.

The payouts at progressive jackpots are triggered by defined sequences. This can be five bars in a row or a royal flush. Payout ranges from a couple of thousands to millions of dollars.

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Progressive Jackpots – How the Pools Are Organized

Your choice of Casino will depend on the type of progressive jackpot you find. Some are linked to certain games or a slot. Others are shared between several casinos sharing software. The contribution to the Jackpot will be taken on different ways depending on the game.

You can expect few gradual wins as you anticipate the potential for a big prize. The fee to the Jackpot in slot machines is built into the payout percentage.

For table games, the Jackpots are organized by a side bet. Smaller payouts plus the fee for the main jackpot define your returns. Although these are not usually great bets, the probability of a massive prize adds excitement to the game.

After a Jackpot payout, there are often rules in place. This is to facilitate a smooth transition to the next starting point. Such may include:

  • 90% of the total paid out to the winning player.
  • 10% left behind to start the new jackpot

Some table games pay you a small percentage if you were dealt into the hand at the time of winning. This feature is most common in poker games.

Progressive Jackpots – What Casino Games Have Them?

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  1. Blackjack: Jackpots are usually set as a side bet. To participate, you post a bet on a separate square. Jackpots are based on three suited 7s. Payouts are released for smaller pairs or 7s along the way. Jackpots at blackjack games can get very large especially at the biggest online casinos.
  2. Slots: here you will find the biggest pools of jackpots. All of them are linked between different casinos. The fee for the pool is inbuilt. So, you do not have to make an extra bet for a chance of winning a big prize.
  3. Caribbean Stud: to enjoy the biggest payout here, you need to be dealt a Royal Flush. A straight Flush that is not Royal earns you 10% of the entire pool.
  4. Poker: games such as Texas Hold’em have progressive Jackpots triggered by a ‘bad beat’. There are often extra rules attached.

Millions of players enjoy side bets which go with progressive jackpots. This makes a genuine difference in their lives.

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