Are There More Profitable Casino Games?

Are There More Profitable Casino Games?

Both seasoned and first-timer casino players will want to know which games bring profit. It pays off to conduct a small research on these games.

People often sign up on online casinos to experience all the games on board. However, no one would want to play games that are too difficult to win. You probably want to try your luck with games that have high chances of winning.

It’s also important to be sure the casino practices fair gaming.

The Most Profitable Games

  1. Craps
  2. Baccarat
  3. The big wheel
  4. Video poker
  5. Black Jack
  6. European Roulette


This game can sometimes be intimidating because of the markings associated with it. However, it is not as daunting as often thought. A player has to simply guess if the roller will win or lose. The bets have 50/50 odds.

For significant profits, players often stay away from proposition bets. These bets can give an 11% house edge. Otherwise, house edge can be low as 1.41%.


It has the lowest house edges on best. Another appealing aspect is that it is easier to play than Blackjack. Players can consistently bet on the banker. This increases the chances of profiting from the game.

The Big Wheel

Different casinos will have different names for this game. It basically involves a spinning a wheel where you win or lose. This iconic wheel of fortune game has many variables. The outcomes will depend on these variables and the strategy of the player. Gamers have often enjoyed profitable results here.

Video Poker

Video poker is a blend of Blackjack with online poker. Most of the time, the skill of the player determines the outcome. So it’s actually not all about luck. First-timers will need to study the game carefully before going full throttle.


Blackjack is a game requiring a lot of skill. You thus need to approach it with knowledge.  Rewards can be handsome. Payouts range between 70% and 99%.

European Roulette

There is one main difference between American and Russian roulette. American roulette has a higher house edge compared to the European version. The French roulette has an even smaller house edge. This game is profitable because you can decrease the spreads and enjoy small wins over time.

Other Factors Determining Profitability of Online Casino Games

  • Player’s strategy and skill
  • House edge
  • Return to player
  • Player’s country of residence
  • Time of playing

House Edge and Return to Player

Every game offers a different house edge. In simple terms, it refers to the built- in advantage the casino has. Your chances of winning depend greatly on this factor. Games with the lowest house edge are more profitable.

Return to Player is a term used to indicate the expected return percentage. The higher the RTP the better chances of profits.

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