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A guide to Keno.

keno onlineThousands of years ago, Keno originated in China.

It is unknown how payouts occurred then, but today, they depend on the casino. An online casino will publish a paytable, which shows the payouts based on how many numbers are played, the number of matches, and the amount of the wager.

It is a fun game that is played in some form in online casinos, live casinos, and in lotteries.

More info about Keno below!

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How to Play Keno Online

When playing Keno online, everything is computer generated. It isn’t like in some live games where balls are drawn like Bingo.

In Keno, you can choose up to 20 numbers, or the quantity of numbers specified in the game, and make a wager. The numbers are drawn at random. The more matches you have, the better. The more you wager, the more you win.

There is really no true strategy to Keno other than luck. You choose the numbers that feel right to you and play them, perhaps the ages of people in your family or special dates. You play the numbers how you like and simply hope you hit as many as possible.

There are really no strict Keno rules to follow outside of choosing the right amount of numbers. It is one of the simplest online casino games that you can play. It is also very suspenseful, which feeds the excitement.

Keno Odds

When looking at the Keno paytable, you may notice that the casino has a larger house edge than other games. The edge can be as little as 4 percent or as high as 35 percent, which is much different than the typical 5 percent or less that exists with table games.

The payouts can vary from casino-to-casino.

While some online casinos allow you to choose 20 numbers, some may limit you to 10 or 15 numbers. The chance of hitting all 20 of the selected numbers is almost impossible at an odd of 1 in 3.5 quintillion. You have a greater probability of hitting one number than you do hitting none. You also have a better probability of hitting up to 7 numbers than you do hitting 8 or more. The higher you go the probability becomes grimmer.

Playing Keno Online

When you play Keno online, it is different than playing with an actual Keno card. Of course, the game layout may vary from casino-to-casino.

Usually, you are presented with a screen that shows you the 80 numbers. You’ll see a paytable on the screen. You can then choose your numbers manually or opt for “quick pick,” which allows the game to choose for you. Click the button that represents the wager that you want to place and you will quickly see how many hits you get. The game will tell you how many hits you made and how many credits were won.

Overall, Keno is a lot of fun, making it a popular game amongst other casino classics, such as slot machines or poker. The rules are simple and the odds are very good. It is a game that usually doesn’t require large wagers to win and you will have a good time.

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