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Sic Bo

A guide to Sic Bo.

sic boOriginating in China, Sic Bo is a dice game that has been played in live casinos and is now also played in online casinos. It isn’t as well-known as craps, but it is an enjoyable game that can have some generous payouts.

When you first play Sic Bo online, you’ll notice the table looks somewhat confusing. Don’t overthink it because the game is actually simple. The Sic Bo rules aren’t too mind-bending, which means you can start playing in no time, especially after a few test rounds at your favorite online casino.

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The Basic Rules of Sic Bo

You have the Sic Bo table and three dice. Each game is based on the roll of those three dice. The object is to bet on your prediction of the roll. When playing Sic Bo online, you will choose your chip size and then place a bet in the betting area on the screen. If you are feeling really lucky, you can place multiple bets on one roll of the dice.

Once the bets are in place, click “Roll,” and hold your breath until the dice stop rolling. OK, it’s alright to breathe. If the dice match your bet, you win. However, you do have to know what each bet means.

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Types of Sic Bo Bets

The following are the different types of Sic Bo bets that you can match to win:

  • Small and big – You are betting on the total sum of the dice. If you make a small bet, you are betting on a sum ranging from 4 to 10. On a big bet, the range is 11 to 17. Cross your fingers that a triple doesn’t appear (three of the same number), or you lose.
  • Single Die – You are betting that at least one of the dice lands on your number.
  • TwoDice Combination – Bet on two numbers and hope two of the three dice land on those numbers.
  • Three-Dice Combination – You bet on the sum of the dice, and a triple is a winner.
  • Specific Double – You are betting that at least two dice will land on your number.
  • Specific Triple – You are betting that all three will land on your chosen number.
  • Any Triple – You are betting that you will get a triple no matter what the number may be.

Have Fun!

Now that you know the basic rules for playing Sic Bo online, you shouldn’t have any problems getting started. Make sure you play a few practice rounds so you can get the hang of it. After you feel confident, then is the time to start betting real money at an online casino. 

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