Discover the Unknown Secrets of Finding the Best Paying Slot Machines

Discover the Unknown Secrets of Finding the Best Paying Slot Machines

Playing slot machines at the casino can be an exciting escapade. But, let’s face it, the fun gets better when you win. The best strategy for increasing your chances of winning is to find the slot machines which are running hot and paying out.

Also referred to as loose slot machines, these machines are generous with bonus rounds and big wins. The machines do run in cycles. It’s either hot or cold. The trick is to take advantage of times that the former will probably occur and earn some cash.

The Best Strategy The Best Paying Slot Machines

  • Go to the casinos on slow nights (Monday to Wednesday);
  • Choose off-peak hours, say, for instance at 2 A.M when the casinos are not crowded;
  • If after 20-30 spins you get no good money, move on to the next slot machine;
  • Move from one game to another;
  • When you find a good paying slot machine, up your bet;
  • When you quickly detect a machine has cooled off, stop playing.

Slot players and casino experts have formulated a couple of theories to aid them in their quest for this Holy Grail. Some conclude that these machines are placed near the table games; some assume they are placed near the coin redemption booths.

So What Is A Loose Machine?

Granted, there is no international standard for determining whether a machine is loose or tight, or to know the payout percentage of slot machines. The term ‘loose’ is mostly for comparison purposes. A loose machine simply has a higher long-term payout percentage than other slot machines.

If you want to know which slot machines pay the best, look for the machines near the entrance. These are strategically placed there so entrants to the casino can see players winning and be enticed to try their luck.

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when trying to figure out which slot machines pay the best. The common method is to look at the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will eventually reward players. This is referred to as ‘Return to Player’.

Slot Machine Payback Percentage

The house edge on slot machines is based on pre-programmed electronic software, the casino, and geographic location. All video slot machines use a Random Number Generator which will determine the odds for the player.

Remember the general rule when aiming for the highest payout percentage of slot machines. The higher denomination slot machines often have a greater payback percentage compared to low denomination slot machines.

Play the games you enjoy most and target at least one of the lowest progressive Jackpot.

The Highest Paying Slot Games at Casinos

  1. Monopoly Big Event
  2. Mega Joker
  3. Good Girl, Bad Girl
  4. At the Copa
  5. Sinbad
  6. Rambo
  7. Goldilocks and the Wild Bears

Slot machines can have exciting possibilities but disappointments also lurk in the tight machines. But with a couple of clever tactics, you can end up finding the best paying slot machine. Enjoy it while it lasts since no loose machine will stay so for a long time.

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