10 Video Poker Mistakes Causing You Major Rip-offs

10 Video Poker Mistakes Causing You Major Rip-offs

Video poker may be the top casino game for most casino players. However, most players consistently make huge mistakes and throw away their money as a result. Eliminate the following video poker mistakes today and avoid wasting your hard-earned cash!

1. Not using a player’s card

A player’s card at a casino is free so it takes no effort to insert your card into the reader before starting a game. Joining a casino’s player’s club has many perks such as free meals and bounce-back cash. Always take advantage of these perks to boost overall return.

2. Not examining the pay table

This is one of the common poker mistakes which can result into playing the wrong game. Each poker game has a different paytable. The paytable has all the information you need to determine which poker game has the highest return.

3. Using the wrong strategies

A wrong guess on the cardholder can be a costly mistake. Using the same strategy in playing various games can do more harm than good. Avoid this poker mistake when switching games in a bid to “change your luck”.

4. Not practicing the correct strategy

Practice makes perfect. The best way to master a strategy is regular practice at a home computer using a video poker trainer. As you play, you will be alerted to common poker mistakes and be shown the correct play. You can only be confident of playing a video poker game if you have 95% accuracy.

5. Playing High variance games

Video poker games with a high variance puts you at a high risk of losing money. If you don’t have a high bankroll to play these games, don’t make the poker mistake of playing these games. Aim for low variance games like Jacks or Bonus Poker.

6. Getting caught up in the distractions:

Here are various distractions in a casino which can make you lose your concentration and focus. Playing about 700 hands per hour while chatting with a friend, eyeing the attractive cocktail server or drinking too much, can negatively impact your concentration.

7. Not playing maximum coins

Betting less than maximum coins is a video poker mistake most recreational players make. When you bet the max number, which is usually five coins, you’re putting yourself in a better position to take advantage of the bonus pay.

8. Avoiding progressive games

One common poker mistake is playing a non-progressive game when the casino offers the same game with a progressive royal flush jackpot. It would also be a bigger mistake to play a progressive game with less than the maximum coins wagered.

9. Playing a machine with sticky buttons

If one of the hold buttons on your machine doesn’t function correctly, stop playing and hit the service button. Sticky buttons can lead to costly video poker mistakes. A technician should be able to fix the buttons or you can choose to play on another machine.

10. Not having a strategy card

It is wise to invest in a portable, inexpensive strategy card that can help you eliminate mistakes while playing video poker.

The Last Take

Every little move counts in the modern competitive poker world. Fixing minor errors is extremely important in order to increase your long-term profits. The suggestions above can help you fix any of these mistakes and every hand you play will be as profitable as possible.

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