The Best Casino Apps for iOS and Android

The Best Casino Apps for iOS and Android

If you like online casinos or you are considering playing and you have an iPhone or an Android, you can improve your game through some very useful casino apps that help you calculate odds or learn new tactics. You can also learn how to play games through apps before you wager real money. Knowing which apps can help you can make a significant difference in your game.

Casino Apps to Improve Your Game

Several apps for iOS and Android can help you with your game. The best casino apps for iOS and Android are:

  • Blackjack Strategizer – This isn’t a free app, but it is a cheap one that will teach basic strategy. You’ll use touch gestures that are very similar to the gestures that you would use at the table. The app also displays your statistics so that you can see how you’re doing it.
  • WPT Poker Trainer – WPT Poker Trainer is a free app helps you improve your Hold’em-playing skills. It is your handheld coach. WPT Poker Trainer looks at every move you make and rewards you for making the right decisions. You can play difficult hands and receive immediate feedback so you can use that knowledge during real play. All in all, you can master the fundamentals of the game, which makes this one of the best casino apps out there.
  • Roulette Tips – Roulette Tips isn’t a free app, but for just under a dollar, you can learn how to play roulette, learn the terminology, learn about betting, read about strategies, become familiar with the wheel and table, learn about roulette odds, and find out about the different systems.
  • Poker Tips – Poker Tips is a fast and easy way for you to improve your poker skills. This casino app contains a collection of tips that have been compiled from experts for helping players improve their game and increase their chances of winning the jackpot. There are tips for beginner and advanced players. You also take quizzes between tips so you can practice what you’ve learned.
  • Blackjack World Pro-21 Card Counter – There are different blackjack rules depending on where you are playing the game. This free app helps you understand the different rule sets around the world in both land-based and online casinos. A move analysis tool helps you learn the right move in a playing situation. You can also learn about 22 different card-counting strategies that could help you while you play. You can track your lifetime statistics, use the hint feature to improve your play, and experiment with different rule combinations.
  • Casino & Sports Free Bet Checker – This casino app has a long list of casino and sport welcome bonuses that add up to over thousands of dollars in cash. You can check the free bets you’ve used off a list, and then all you see are those that are available to you. There are also tips on a wide range of sports types for those who are into sports betting.
  • Learn to Play Craps – This app teaches you all about craps with its intuitive visual guide. You can check out tips from experts, and a video learning tutorial shows you the steps of the game. This app isn’t free, but it is a very small investment toward improving your game.
  • Poker Play+ – This is another one of the many casino apps that are out there that teach you how to play poker. However, this one has a long list of tips from how to play poker and the terminology to the rules of nearly 20 different types of poker games. You learn about strategy, poker odds, and a lot more. You can get this one for just under a dollar.
  • Video Poker+ Perfect Play Training – This is probably one of the higher-dollar informational casino apps out there. It teaches you how to play video poker, but what makes it special enough to have a nearly $10 price tag is that it runs through millions of hands to determine the perfect play. You get lots of statistics and hand analysis, and you are taught to play to win. There is a lot of automation integrated into this app in addition to some gameplay.

Great Learning Tools

These casino apps are great learning tools that help improve your game. Download as many of these resources as you need and use them during gameplay. As you learn, you increase your chances of winning.

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