All You Need to Know About Wagering Requirements on Online Casinos

All You Need to Know About Wagering Requirements on Online Casinos

Most of the online casino games available have terms and conditions to be met. This also applies to the bonuses and promotions.

But what are the wagering requirements?

With the industry becoming so competitive, most gambling sites introduce enticing features. These include bonuses and winnings. However, before you can access these perks, there are requirements to be met. These are often referred to as wagering requirements.

Online casino wagering requirements simply means the amount you need to bet.

This amount determines whether you will be eligible for bonus and winnings to be released to your main cash balance. The wagering requirement must be met before you can withdraw the casino bonus.

How Do You See How Much You Have Left to Wager?

  • Log in to your online casino site
  • Click on the cash balance link at the top page
  • On a new window you will see your free bets and bonuses

For instance you are given a $100 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. You will need to stake a total of $1000 for any of your bonus winnings. Only this way can you withdraw your winnings.

The online casino wagering requirements will also change depending on the game you are playing. Other games will have high requirements. Sporting games often attract a low requirement.

Different online casinos will have differing definitions on how to wager. Wagering information is assisting in the placing of bets for the transmission of a wire communication.

The type of game you play will contribute a different percentage towards the casino bonus wagering requirement.

Understanding the Contract

Before you know how to wager, it is important to understand the terms and conditions. A gamer should be over 18 years of age. A contract is an agreement by a promisor to engage in a performance in case of uncertain events.

Most casino bonuses are also valid for a period of time. If you have received a bonus, use it within that period. Otherwise it will be nullified after the expiry period. Most of the wagering requirements are low for sport bonuses and free bets.

How to Wager

  • You are given a $50 bonus
  • A stipulation of 3x deposit plus the wagering requirement is needed
  • You will therefore need $300 to release your bonus cash
  • All winnings and bonuses can now be released to your main cash balance.

Because of these terms, some people feel disappointed when it comes to casino bonuses. The offer does not seem real as it appears on the surface. However, you just need to do your math.

Read about your choice of casino reviews before settling for one.

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